South Midwood Residents' Association

The neighbourhood has one of the oldest active community organizations in the country, with the South Midwood Residents' Association being founded in 1901. Meetings are held up to four times a year, at the Newman Catholic Center, Brooklyn College: 2401 Glenwood Rd, Brooklyn, NY, 11210, on the corner of Glenwood Road and East 24th Street.

Membership in the organization is open to any person living in the area known as South Midwood, hereby defined as extending from the middle of Foster Avenue on the north to the Long Island Railroad cut on the south, and from the middle of Ocean Avenue on the west to and including Bedford Avenue (both sides) between Foster Avenue and Farragut Road, and East 26th St. (both sides) between Farragut Road and Campus Road.

For more information on the South Midwood Residents' Association, please contact