South Midwood has a vibrant and active community, and many residents correspond and stay informed about local issues using various email lists.

The first two (Talk and Reps) are community-owned, and as such, are not affiliated nor maintained by the South Midwood Residents' Association. The third is the official announcement list for the SMRA.
  • South Midwood Talk (Open to residents only)
    Open discussion about South Midwood.

  • Political Representation (Open to everyone)
    Postings from various elected officials representing the South Midwood and surrounding area. Announcement-only (subscribers can read, but not post).

  • SMRA (Open to residents only)
    News from the South Midwood Residents' Association about community events and issues. Announcement-only (subscribers can read, but not post).
    To subscribe to this list, please send a message with your name, address and email address to: